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    Organized CC download for Classic?

    Gregory Rothman

      I am using CC to organize all of my photos and prevent me from having duplicate images. After I have migrated my images up to the CC can I then migrate the entire catalog back to a local drive for use with Lightroom Classic?How much, if any, of the file stucturing will be available in Classic. Are there things I can do in labeling CC that would aid in maintaining a local structure after migration back to a local drive?

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          Rikk-Flohr Level 4

          Hello Gregory,


          If you have Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic CC both logged into the same Adobe ID subscription account, any images imported into Lightroom CC will sync to the Creative Cloud and then sync back down to Lightroom Classic CC. It will depend upon how you have your storage set up on the Lightroom CC side as to whether, and for how long, you will have duplicate files.  Some duplication will always be occurring even after you sync the Lightroom CC files to the cloud as originals will be pulled back down as needed regardless of how aggressively you set your storage options.


          The files from your workflow described will be placed into a single folder in Lightroom Classic CC's Folders panel where they will be managed. Similarly, Folders (Album Sets) and Albums from Lightroom CC will be stored in a single master Collection Set named "From Lightroom Mobile) on Lightroom Classic.