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    How to make one object move with another (Complete beginner)

    dragonhorse Level 1



      I'm trying to figure out whether it is possible to tie a point on one object to a point on another object so that the child moves in response to the parent.


      Specifically the sort of thing I'm trying to do is to have something like a piece of string to which I want to attach decorations.  I'd like a point of each of the decorations to attach to the piece of string so that when I move the string the decorations move with it.  Imagine the string blowing in the wind so it may undulate, and the decorations would follow that undulation.


      I'm guessing this is quite simple, but all the searches I have done and just trying things out in Animate haven't lead me to the answer.  I may well be using the wrong terms to find what I want as I'm completely new to this (I have been able to do something similar with the OSS Synfig studio but was keen to try it out in animate before my trial ends as this would help me to decide whether to go forward to buy a subscription or not.


      Thanks in advance for any advice!