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    Module Panel


      I just finished downloading Lightroom CC.  Why don't any of the Module titles appear?

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          Rikk-Flohr Level 4

          Greetings Edward,


          Lightroom CC doesn't have any modules per se.  It is a new application which doesn't feature modules like Lightroom versions 1-6 did and Lightroom Classic continues. 


          Perhaps you are referring to Lightroom Classic CC?


          Go to Help>System Info… and get us your exact Lightroom Version Number listed and we can confirm this for you and make sure you have the correct version installed.

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            Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            You accidentally installed the wrong version of Lightroom perhaps because of the very unfortunate decision by Adobe to reuse the Lightroom CC name for a completely new product that basically is a port of the mobile Lightroom app to the desktop. It is really quite different from what used to be called Lightroom on the Desktop and doesn't (yet) have most of the features from Lightroom as we knew it. You can install the actual update to Lightroom CC 2015 from the creative Cloud app. It is now called Lightroom Classic CC (yes extremely confusing!). Lightroom Classic will be just like the Lightroom you are used to with all the panels.

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              edwardm48848449 Level 1


              You were correct.  I had downloaded Lightroom CC, instead of Lightroom Classic CC.  Everything looks great now.

              Thanks for the help,Josh