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    Which Version of LR Should I Be Updating?

    TomBrooklyn Level 1

      I get messages to update.


      So I activate that and a window labeled Creative Cloud Opens.


      Then it gives me a choice of updating


      Lightroom CC


      Lightroom Classic CC


      Classic CC (2015)


      So I update one or two of those.    Then a few weeks later I get another update reminder.   So I repeat this procedure and it tells me I need to update a couple more of these.


      I don't even know which version I have.   I pay a monthly fee, and I expect to get the latest version.    I don't know if I'm cycling between versions or what is going on.     My catalog is so screwed up and LR is running so slow,  my workflow is at an almost complete standstill as it is; and on top of that I am getting update reminders for multiple versions of the program.