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    CTRL+ALT+Z input

    Dario Romita

      Hello everyone.

      I am a long time Photoshop user and recently while working on some textures I was making for a 3D model I've noticed that my CTRL Alt z shortcut was not always

      recognized by the software. I don't think it is a keyboard problem since I've tried to use the same hotkey on a 3D modeling software and even when randomly spamming it the input was recognized by the program.

      Photoshop DOES recognize the input most of the times but when it comes to follow an intense/fast workflow it doesn't read the input (I've also noticed that even when holding all the three keys and trying to release one and press it again still doesn't work, it requires me to release all the three keys and try again to make it work).

      I thought the problem could derive from a heavy and layered project, but even when working on a white and clear canvas the issue is still there, I also tried to increase the amount of memory dedicated to PS up to 10gb of ram, obviously with no success.

      Any kind of help would be very welcome (CTRL Z works fine).