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    BlazeDS and JDBC

      Hi All,
      I'm trying to use Flex 3's RemoteObject to connect to a java application that connects to a MS Access database (JDBC) and returns a value.

      The problem is, everytime I try to connect to the db vie RemoteObject I get a message in the Tomcat std-out log
      "[Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] '(unknown)'.......

      Also I have written a java application that use the same java database classes in it works.
      The database is also stored on the same machine as tomcat and blazeDS.

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          Well, you have to register a service you application. BlazeDS is the application template you might want to start with.

          Secondly if need to compile custom tags get the webtier.war and follow the install notes to update your BlazeDS app. template.

          Now coming to your topic - after you registered a service in your remote configuration file. then you can call it the service and get the data over in the flex component.

          You don't need to get the connection over. The error you get is that you may not have the driver into the right sport or the database is not registered into the ODBC panel ?

          If the call you made works fine and brings data into a jsp let's say there is no reason not to get the data over via the remote service.

          Hope this helps!

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            I wrote a jsp file to test the connection and that didn't work.
            I think it has some thing to do with Tomcat 6.
            I use the same jsp file and tested on another machine running Tomcat 5.5 and
            it worked with no problems.

            Thanks for your help