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    How to transfer Lightroom Mobile photos to Desktop?


      Currently my LR mobile takes up 45 GB on my iPhone. I'd love to move all DNGs to my external drive so I don't have the original files on the phone anymore.

      With Adobe Lightroom Classic CC I went to All Photographs, located few photoshoots I've wanted to move out and dragged them to new a folder on an external drive. The folder now contains 20 GB of the images but my phone doesn't show more free space, it still says 45 GB of LR mobile library. I've tried to clear cache, kill and restart the app... nothing works...


      What's the right way how to free up the space?


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          Conrad C Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you haven't tried this already: In Lightroom Classic, Library module, look in the Catalog panel. Under the All Photographs collection that you already looked at, there should be a collection called All Synced Photographs. If it still lists many images, those are the ones still synced to the cloud and therefore listed in your iPhone. Select All Synced Photographs, then select all of those, then press Delete. You should get a warning that they'll be deleted from the cloud but not deleted from the desktop catalog. Confirm that.


          Then switch to the iPhone and see if the images are still there. They should be gone after the next automatic sync.

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            dada-is-here Level 1

            Thanks Conrad. I'll try to experiment with deleting the synced files. So far I tried to move 3 GB but the space in LR mobile increased only by 400 MB. Maybe it needs more time than 15 minutes to detect the changes... everything was synced and looked fine (the number of all synced photos decresed) but I expected to see bigger change in free space.


            Btw is there an easy way how to see what files are stored locally on the phone, and what are in cloud?

            How can I find out what's the real size of 'All Synced Photographs'? I don't understand it because Cloud Storage & Sync shows me 13000 photos and 94 out of 100 GB  available cloud storage (that equals to 6 GB used), however in Local Storage section I see 38 GB under locally stored copies.


            I tried to browse all synced photos in Airplane mode to see files stored on the phone but I see thumbnails only of few collections which I chose to store locally (4 collections with less than 300 photos)... nothing else... and that's weird because they definitely can't take up all 38 GB.