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    PDF Printer Driver freezes when printing from most applications


      I have been using Acrobat Pro 8 with Windows 7 for many years without any problems, but all of a sudden, when I print to the Adobe PDF printer from most applications, the "Save PDF file As" dialog box appears and immediately freezes - nothing happens if you click the Save button or if you try to type a different filename, and the application I was in, whatever it was, also freezes, so that I have to go into Task Manager and kill the application.


      I have tried deleting and reinstalling the Adobe PDF printer driver - and have even  tried completely deleting the Adobe driver first, and I have tried running Repair in Acrobat, but none of these things help.


      I can still print using the Adobe PDF driver from other Adobe applications (including from Acrobat itself) but not from any other application I've tried.


      I can still create PDFs from any application using the Bullzip and CutePDF drivers, however.


      Any ideas?