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    Adobe Acrobat DC 2015 suddenly slow to open

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      As of last week, one of our users has an issue where Adobe Acrobat Dc 2015 is slow to open. Once it's open, it works fine and fast, but as soon as you close it, we're looking at a 20 second wait to open even the smallest of documents.


      I have changed the recent documents list from 100 to 1.

      I have 'repaired' adobe.

      I did some troubleshooting and in the performance monitor had a look at the Wait Chain to see if anything was holding up Adobe, but it only said "one or more threads of acrobat.exe are waiting to finish network i/o". Because of this, I have disabled auto-updates as I thought this might be the issue, but this has also not resolved it.




      Windows 7 Professional x64 (6.1.7601 SP1)

      Adobe Acrobat DC version 15.006.30355 (installed on 31/08/2017)


      I would appreciate any suggestions.