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    LR C requires space on C:

    planetf1 Level 1

      I just started trying to use CC for the first time, importing around 600MB of photos/videos. Whilst I had changed the storage location for downloaded images, I noticed that CC still needed space on C: (in my case 250 GB or so... and this is a 256GB hard drive!), so I  had to manually copy/relink the lightroom directories using 'mklink' (ie I created a ntfs junction). Surprising to see no way of configuring this in the sw...

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          Mohit Goyal Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi planetf,


          Please refer the below link for a known issue related to Lightroom CC.

          Known issues and workaround




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            planetf1 Level 1

            Thanks for the link, but


            a) There's few apps that need a fair bit of temporary space that don't allow that to be specified. This is a significant product quality issue and gives a poor impression of the product



            b) The workaround (at least the second part) isn't a workaround really. free up more space? In my case it would need almost the entire drive, which isa mere 256GB as it's an SSD from a couple of years back. In fact the workaround that DOES seem to work is to move the two lightroom cc directories, and then link back using NTFS junctions - with the 'mklink' command. Once done that's working a treat, but for those less knowledgeable there is no help offered.


            This is a premium paid-for product. I do feel we need better. I will continue to offer feedback as I do hope that together the community can make the product better.

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              JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I don't know if you watched any of the Adobe MAX presentation where Lightroom CC was introduced. This is a version 1 software. And the presenters more or less told people to download the software and more or less play with it and watch it grow and develop. I don't think you can classify it as "premium" software at this time. It's good for you to continue to offer suggestions. But give Lightroom CC time to mature, because I believe it will eventually.

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                planetf1 Level 1

                It's 'premium' because I had to upgrade my sub even to play around with it. (c.£8 pcm to c. £15 pcm), otherwise a measly 20GB was on offer, not enough to even 'test' the software.


                I haven't watched the presentations, and I realise it's early days, but this is a pretty basic thing... also the workaround text could be far more helpful. I was able to do my own workaround, and left lightroom cc processing my 600GB stash of photos but last i checked (I'm remote, so via vpn/remote desktop) it appears that after 5 days processing the lightroom CC looks hung. Photos have been copied into a staging area on my new disk, but there's little evidence any have been uploaded to CC, nor that the app is currently doing anything


                Again, hangs from adobe software,



                A little frustrating now. I'll try again, but if that fails I'm inclined to just abandon the whole thing and request a refund.