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    PS CC 2018 text tool keyboard shortcuts problem


      Hi there!


      After upgrading, I have - as many - experienced quite a few bugs and weird behaviour in PhotoShop. I am running PS on a Lenovo ThinkPad with Win 10 installed.

      Anyways, normally, when I'm making web banners, I work a lot with text in PS, trying to get the font sizes right. To do this, I've always just selected the text, and clicked inside the font size properites box and used arrow keys up and down to chenge font size. Now - once I press the arrow key, it jumps OUT of font size properties and "resets" to "Move Tool".


      Same thing happes if I press the "Home" or "End" key to jump to the start / end of a text line, or even pressing Shift + Home/End to select lines of text.


      This is seriously annoying, and slows down my work flow... I rellay hope this is something that can be easily fixed


      Best regards

      Frode MKL