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    Loading dynamic text with a blank keyframe

      I have set up a dynamic text field (named "btn_txt"), within a movie (btntxt_mc), within a movie (button_mc), within another movie (b1). I want to dynamically load my link text into each button, and it works fine, so long as I place the AS code within any of the first three symbols. Once I place the code in my "b1" movie, or in the "button_mc" movie in anything less than frame 30 (where the "btntxt_mc" enters) it stops loading the dynamic text.

      From what I can tell, this is because I do not load my "btntxt_mc" movie clip until frame. When I change it so that it loads right away on frame 1, I am able to load the text from the higher level, "button_mc".

      I want to be able to load all my information from the _root of this file so I can eventually run it all from an .xml file and have it distribute to all the different buttons properly.

      Can anyone explain what I can do to bypass this annoyance and why this is happening?

      PS - I would attach the .fla but I can't find an option to do so