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    WEBService WSDL downloading....

      I've been slowly building up my web serivce and Flex UI. Over time i noted that sometimes it takes a while for the WebService object to finish loading. My UI blocks until the webservice has finished loading, since everything the user intends to do will call the WebService.

      My current problem is that the WebService object downloads the WSDL each time it connects to the newly started service. Subsequent connects to the webservice are faster, but i can see (through Fiddler) requests going to download the WSDL and it's parts. I assume the subsequent connects are faster because the WSDL is cached due to the browser file caching configuration.

      So in the end the first time my user connects to the webservice (after a fresh start of the webservice), it will take a little while to download and process the WSDL. Then after that it will be faster. We'd like to avoid long waits (not "long", talking seconds here) for the user, we want the UI to be fast.

      What i don't understand is that i've coded everything in my Flex App to communicate with the webservice, so why does the WebService object require itself to download a WSDL that i've already build the web app for? It seems redundant to me, because i've already tested that all my webservice calls will work with the webservice in question.

      Is there a way to avoid this? Maybe take the WSDL that i build my web app for and include it with the application and have the user load it locally; thus, avoiding the download of the WSDL.

      Any help here would be very appreciated.