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    Issues with uploading to Business Catalyst

    josephw32923546 Level 1

      Hi - total web design newbie here, having *huge* problems with uploading muse to BC.


      So it looks fine when I preview it, and after uploading to BC I can view it fine on Chrome but not on Internet Explorer (yes, I know, the client is still using IE, I can't do anything about this)


      Here is how it looks on Chrome



      and here it is on IE - the graphic assets are missing, the webfont looks damaged and the footer has jumped to the top of the page.



      Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong? Someone suggested that the names of the graphics are too long and spread all over our servers, but I've tried shortening file names, adding to Muse from Adobe CC library and saving AI files as SVGs, and it doesn't make any difference...