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    Editing a PNG file




      I’m hoping someone can help me. My business logo was sent to me along with some other things on an art board as a png file. I need to separate the images, so I can use them for business cards etc. I have no clue how to do this, I’m not really familiar with photoshop. I have illustrator, but i guess that file type cannot be edited in illustrator? How do I separate all the images on the board without losing quality? I’m very frustrated, please help.


      Thank you!!!!!!

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          JonathanArias Adobe Community Professional

          request the original art files from the designer. The business card might have been made in adobe indesign and the logo in illustrator.


          If you want just the logo, ask for the illustrator vector files.

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            JJMack Most Valuable Participant

            I have  Photoshop and do not install AI.  Photoshop does not really fully support Illustrator files.  You can  Place in some Illustrator file in Photoshop like .AI . and .svg file. The Smart object layers created will be sort of a Vector smart Object.   You can scale the object like vector grapjics however  Transforming  will be limited to scale,rotate and skew but other features like perspective, warp and distort will not be available.



            Photoshop can not handle all Illustrator type layers.  If you do open and Illustrator File in Photoshop it will open as a Raster layer no vectors at all.  You can Have Photoshop open the image the size you need howevet in Photoshop all you wil have is a single raster layer.


            There is a Third Plugin that can open  most of what is in a SVG file as vector layers into Photoshop. There are some limitation.  Illistrator is Adove Vector Application where Photoshop  deals mostly with Pixels.  There some Vector tools in Photoshop  Layers like Text and Shaper are vector layers and other layer can have vector layer mask.


            You may be able to recreate you company logo in Photoshop with Photoshop vector tools and vector layer types.    Post a link to your Illistrator Logo file.  If You can create Large Raster image of you logo in Illustrator like Png,  Jpeg or Tiff.  Photoshop can  work withe these well.  Document file types like eps and pdf files can aslo be open as Raster layers the size you need by Photoshop.

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