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    Question to reviewers about batch rejection

    galxcom Level 1


      I appeal to the reviewers. My last batch was completely rejected because of «release issues». Can I ask what happened this time? You have previously accepted during different submissions a lot of (i think more than 50) photos with the exact same release, same model, same date. But now everything is rejected. Even there is a selfie with paper connected to the image of release.



      Also, I suspect that u have a profiling contributor account. When I was blocked here once (case Number: 00051291) you also wrote me «In addition, the moderators noted that some model releases you are sending are illegible. Be sure that the printed name of all parties is printed and not written in cursive. Ensure the name is completely legible.»

      And in this connection, I'm afraid that this is such a trap for the contributor. Ie, theoretically I can be banned by you again, with some reason like "you repeatedly sent the improper release of the model", despite the fact that the huge amount of work with exactly this release has ALREADY been accepted. Is there such a probability?








      Aleksei Todosko,


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          MatHayward Adobe Employee

          The moderation team works independent of customer service. Due to the need for timely reviews of all content they are not able to provide specific feedback on individual rejections. If you have a question or concern about a specific file rejected for a release problem, please submit a support ticket via the contributor portal and we will take a look for you.




          Mat Hayward