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    Changing Colour


      Hi, Im new to photoshop so have no clue how to solve my problem. When I am try to edit images and text and want to change the colour, it either goes black or a colour I did not choice. I have rasterised the layer and still doesn't work. I have also read other forums that say I should check Im not on Greyscale but Im not!

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          What kind of layer is the text in Photoshop in.  If a Text layer changing color is easy you just need to edit the text layer. If the text  is in a normal layer it could be quite a challenge.  It may be easier just to  overlay the text with a new text layer.  If you can fine the font  and  size to use. 

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            davescm Adobe Community Professional


            If you are seeing different colours to that you have chosen check:

            a. The image mode (Image > Mode )  - is it RGB Color or is it set to something different?

            b The layer blending mode. In the layers panel, select the layer, and set it to normal :


            If it is neither of those, please add a screenshot of your entire screen, including the layers panel and options bar at the top with the text layer selected



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              kangrills singh

              First of all, you should check what color who have selected using COLOR PICKER tool. then try to select the color which you want to choose. the selected color will solve your problem.