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    Anyway to salvage a path from vector mask?






      Hello, I am new to photoshop and I decided to make a vector drawing to later attempt to paint it.

      so I am really unexperienced and a noob, I think I made a mistake somewhere


      my vector drawing should be contained within a layer correct?, however I believe in the beginning I accidentally opened a vector mask and I proceeded to do all my work in this vector mask, I am rather proud of how the current drawing came out so I am praying I don't have to redo the whole thing, is there any way I can move this path into a layer or something to finish the drawing ? pictures above to maybe help explain the dilemma, I do not know if I am using all the correct terminology to help explain my case.

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          In your Photo it look like you have a vector layer mask.  Perhaps you also have created Paths in the paths palette.   You can  add empty layers and stroke these paths like line art and paint in lower layers the colors you want like a coloring book.  If all you have is line art you could use a kill white action to remove the white background. Load Paths as selections and file with a color etc.


          You should also post screen captures rather than photos of you display.


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            Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

            Nice artwork.  JJ has told you how to get a raster version of your artwork, so I'll add that if you need to use the forums again, use screenshots rather than photographs.  If you are using Windows then you have the Snipping tool as standard

            But a lot of us use Greenshot.  This gives you the option of opening your screen grab in an editor like this so you can add highlights, arrows, text etc.

            To place your image in this forum simply paste with Ctrl v (Cmd v).  It's that easy!  I am sure that Mac computers have something similar.


            Good luck, and keep making that artwork.  It's a way better way to use Photoshop than to tart up your photographs.

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              JJMack Most Valuable Participant

              Windows 10 has three screen capture shortcuts for capturing windows displays content to Windows Clipboard:


              PrtScn                       All displays are captured to Windows Clipboard

              Alt+PrtScn                 Active Window captured to Windows Clipboard

              Shift+Windows+S     Mouse Left Click Drag  release left to select area on Displays to capture



              Applications like Photoshop and Browsers  Ctrl+V  paste in clipboard.