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    Warping A Drawing From A Drawing?

    Sandygrove Level 1

      I have an iMac desktop running Mountain Lion 10.8.4.  I have Photoshop CS6.  I know some of Photoshop and some I have not covered yet.  I have the Photoshop CC book by Martin Evening.  I don’t know if what I am about to ask can be done in Photoshop or how.  I don’t know if this procedure exists anywhere!  Please tell me if Photoshop can do it or if you have heard of any other software being able to do it. Photoshop has many types of warping, most of all Puppet Warp.  You might be able to roughly achieve what I would like to do  with Puppet Warp, but it seems to me it would take forever and not be as seamless as what I would like a procedure to do automatically.   This is what I would like to do:

      I would like to make a freehand drawing from a photograph.  Lets say a portrait.  I don’t want to draw the likeness exactly from the photograph.  I myself want to warp the drawing as I want to.  Widen areas, narrow areas,  change lines, make a jag in a line.  Make the eyes smaller, mouth bigger, squat the whole face.  When I am done the drawing looks relatively like the original picture but is changed or warped some.  I then scan my drawing (or just the outline of it).  I then would open both the original picture and the drawing outline (that I warped) picture into a program.  Somehow then I could “show” the program (maybe by outlining the original picture outline and then outlining the outline picture with the same tool).  I then want to push a button and have the program warp the original photograph picture by following my drawing outlined picture.  Can this be done some way like that?   By some program out there that I don’t know about or by Photoshop…without sitting there trying to use Puppet Warp for this little by little and then not, in the end getting a 100% result.  Because warping part by part will not treat the area around it as seamless as the process I talked about , it seems to me.  Please, I need someone’s knowledge.  I can’t search for this because I don’t know what term to use, I don’t know if this exists, or where it exists, in which software.  Is there something like this?  Thank You for any help.  Thank You Very Much