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    Printing Issue


      Trying to print an 8.5X11 image on an Epson 830.  From both LR and PS the image is printed smaller than the paper - large white area at bottom of page even though the preview looks correct.  The file prints correctly when I open the file in Windows 10 but quality is poor. Tried resizing in PS, exporting in LR, etc.  Ideas?

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          As of the latest Lightroom releases, there are three different Lightroom programs. Lightroom 6 is the standalone program, Lightroom Classic CC is the Lightroom CC that everyone is accustomed to, and the NEW Lightroom CC is an all new cloud-based version 1 program that has somewhat limited features at this time. Printing is one of those features that it does not have yet. You would probably get better assistance if you were to ask you a question in the following forum:

          Lightroom Classic CC

          In spite of its name, that forum is the most appropriate one for your particular problem.