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    Use 1, 2, or 3 Versions of LR Simultaneously

    TomBrooklyn Level 1

      After trying to get back into using LR after a hiatus, and now using a laptop (temporarily,) as opposed to my desktop where all my former photos are processed in LR5,  and after going through some confusion about updates; I now have three versions of LR on my laptop.


      Now I seem to be up to date but further confused.    I want to edit photos so I understand LR Classic 2015 is better.    But I like the cloud feature.    


      - Can or is it advisable to use LR CC simultaneously?


      - What is the 3rd version, and is there any reason I should be interested in that?


      Not sure if I got the names of the three versions right.

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          D.A.R Adobe Community Professional

          There is the perpetual version (6.x) on disc if you can get it but it will no longer be supported or updated.

          There is Lightroom Classic CC (Formerly LlIghtroom CC (2015)

          There is Lightroom CC - THE NEW ONE.


          Lightroom Classic is not particularly "better' for processing your files. Lightroom CC is very fast and has pretty much all the same features.

          I would not advise using Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC simultaneously, especially if one is confused already.


          The chief considerations are where you want your images to be stored and how and when you wish to access them. Lightroom Classic can be considered Desktop only - yes some images can be synced to the cloud - while Lightroom CC covers Desktop, Mobile Devices, and Web browsers. Essentially your images are available anywhere - but can also be available on external drives.


          If you never go beyond the Develop Module - IE printing and slideshows then I would recommend you give Lightroom CC a good try. You'll have 1TB of cloud storage for your files but those files van also reside on internal or external drives if that makes you feel better. If your volume of shooting is such that 1TB will not be enough you can buy more storage up to 10TB - $10/TB/month.

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