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    problems exporting 360 degree equirectangular photos in PS 2018

    bellevue scott Level 1

      PS 2018 now has the ability to edit 360 degree equirectangular photos, something I was very excited about. However, I'm having difficulty exporting the results, as well as editing.


      After opening an equirectangular 360 degree photo, then going to 3D - spherical panorama -> new spherical panorama from selected layer, I'm having many difficulties.


      1) shortcuts for things like levels don't work. You can only create an adjustment layer.

      2) select area and delete (content aware) does not work.

      3) new adjustment layers can't be merged down


      And lastly, but most importantly, whenever I export a finished panorama, it's not recognized as a 360 degree photo by various websites and programs. Has anyone else actually tried this new functionality? Any success??