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    Lightroom Mobile "All Photos" will not load.



      Two days ago I was on a road trip and used the time to go on my Lightroom Mobile app and start organizing my 962 photos in "All Photos" into albums. I was not on wifi, so none of this was being simultaneously synced. I sorted probably 2/3rds of my images when all of a sudden I was no longer able to access images in "all photos". The photos which I already organized into albums are there, and I can see them when I open the album. But, when I go to the generic "all photos" album at the top, nothing loads, there is just a spinning wheel. If I go into one of the albums I was using to organize photos and attempt to add photos to it, if I click on "all photos" there is nothing there. Since being home, I have checked my desktop and all of the albums I created haves synced perfectly except for three photos which will not sync, I doubt this has anything to do with my "All Photos" problem, but I thought I would mention it.

      Please help!

      Thank you,



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