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    Flash text showing up as white when it shouldn't be


      OS: Windows 10

      Web Browser: Firefox 56.0.2

      Flash Version:


      I'm trying to load an .swf file but all of the text is white when it should be black. If I hit "settings" in the right click menu, the menu comes up but all of the text is either white or doesn't show up (can't tell which) and the menu buttons do nothing when clicked on. I was successful once in moving through the menu by hitting tab, but I can't do that anymore. This happens if I load the file from my computer or from the internet  it's hosted on a site and available for download). I've uninstalled and reinstalled flash and the problem still persists. The strangest thing is when I click settings, the text in the background turns the correct color, but since I can't get rid of the settings menu I have to refresh the page, rinse and repeat.