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    Displaying Flex Application across 12 screens

      We have a requirement wherein we need to display the release date for 12 months of the year. The front end of the application has been designed using Flex 3.1 with the backend designed using JBOSS/Seam and Granite DS as the integration layer between Flex and Seam
      The application when launched on the dektop works fine and displays the information correctly.
      However, when I launch the application on 12 monitors (connected in series i.e., as 12 columns and 1 row), the browser is able to draw the data only for the first 4 months.
      On detailed analysis, we observe that the data for entire 12 months was created by the flash player. However, browser had the limitation of being able to draw the data only for the 4 months. The browsers we used for testing were Firefox and Chrome.
      We also tried implementing Flex AIR application for the same. However, later on, we realized that the AIR application has a maximum width of 2800 pixels, which does not meet our requirements (1080 * 12).

      Any help on this would be highly appreciated

      Amit Purohit