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    Photoshop CC 2018 - HATE the new Brushes Palate

    uglyfkj.glc Level 1

      I couldn't hate the new brushes palate any more if I tried. Why do you insist on changing stuff that works perfectly? (Okay, I'm really trying not to be grumpy, but I hate having my work day extended because of an "upgrade.") On to my questions...


      First, when the upgrade took place none of my brushes were moved over into the 2018 Brushes Preset folder. I had to manually move them all. That was the beginning of my annoyance.


      And now that I have them in my list, all of my brushes just look like a big smear on the page. How do I get them to look like the actual shape of the brush? To see what the shape/texture/etc. is I have to select the brush and then move my cursor out onto the canvas to tell what the brush looks like. Any way to fix this?


      I'm using Windows 8.something-or-other.