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    Need some help for migrating workflows to new Lr CC e.g. metadata, settings sync


      Hi there

      I think we should expect some migration assistance from Adobe. I really love the new CC Lr (and Photoshop), but am still frustrated by the dit workflows I cannot do in Lr CC, for instance:

      - metadata editing (capture time) - the procedures listed in the forum by using Classic then syncing etc are way too cumbersome. For now, I'm just missing this important functionality

      - sync edit settings between photos in edit mode: less of a frustratiuon but still ... copy settings etc ... again cumbersome

      Adobe can you plse help, either with a migration tutorial (maybe exists but was not made aware) or specific advice on the above issues

      Ah  . and also, provide a more accessible help service through chat (or even telephone)

      Many thanks