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    Digital Editions not working


      I have Windows 7, mostly use Chrome, latest version.

      I have had Digital Editions for about a year or so. I got it specifically to download books, that will only download

      to it, not my Kindle or anything else.  I had downloaded the "getting started" booklet, and then I also downloaded

      a book I paid for. Everything was fine until just recently. I had trouble trying to even open the "getting started"
      booklet, which I tried after I couldn't open my book, my one book I have had a year. When I first bought the

      book it worked fine on Digital Editions, the problem is now, when I tried to look up some info in the book,

      (it is for genealogy research), it will no longer open. I get error messages as others have described, tried

      to deactivate after not finding help under help at Adobe. Nothing works! I cannot deactivate it, I get an

      error message that says to try later, I have tried for over a week, all after clearing my cache, nothing works.

      The book was not cheap, now I can not open it! What can I do? I saw in one place that if I had an older

      version it might fix the problem, but also saw if I download a different version I lose my book, so what now?

      I tried to download a sample book from Adobe, it won't work either, all because of the authorization code.