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    AE CC 2018: Interpret Footage Issue; Invert Alpha no longer works

    jack kubizne

      I just recently updated to 2018 from 2017.


      I frequently use " Interpret Footage > Invert Alpha " on a Footage item to easily create a matte from existing .mov's and .swf's. Invoking this command in 2018 does nothing. This saves so much time from manually creating a matte in other manners, it's pretty easy with other methods so I'm not — but it seems this functionality was broken and it saves so much time! Anybody got and idea what the deal is?


      I cannot for the life of me find where to open a support ticket for AE here but I'm also exhausted so apologies ahead of time.


      All in all 2018 works fantastic, I am so pleasantly surprised. I was able to continue an in-progress project from CC 2017 with no problems besides this, which is ******* amazing. The timeline and interface acceleration has got me excited for what is around the corner, great job guys! Reloading my workspace works like a charm and using Kbar script no longer crashes my AE, I can't tell you how much frustration this saves me on a minute by minute basis.




      Mac OS Sierra 10.12.6