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    Java Script for calculation in DC

    amandas53942597 Level 1



      I have zero experience with Java script and only just figured out calculations in Livecycle before they shut down support & now our forms won't open - i've had to re-crate our forms in Adobe DC.


      I need to write a calculation, I have 3 number fields (Quantity, Price, Total)


      Item               Quantity                                                                 Price          Total

      Battery          less that 35 batteries                                               $25             $25

      Battery          more than 35 batteries, less than 69 batteries        $25             $50

      Battery          more than 70 batteries, less than 104                     $25              $75


      OR in other words, for every 5kg of batteries (which we worked out to be approx 35 batteries) ordered there is a $25 charge (per 5kg) added to the total. So if they order 35 batteries = 5kg = $25, if they order 40 batteries it would be $50 as we'd have to round up to 10kg.


      Does anyone know how I write this in Java Script to enter into 'simplified field notification' or 'custom calculation script'


      SO MUCH THANKS if anyone can help!



      edit: I'm using Adobe DC, i've got a form I made previously in livecycle that I'm converting the fields to fillable fields in Adobe DC.