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    I Bought a Cheap Monitor :-)

    Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

      I really didn't want to spend a fortune on a new screen.  I'm in the process of spending large on a 7900X build, and have just paid to have a cataract op, and I am just not hung up on perfect Eizo like screen performance (sorry Dag).  But my aging Dell 2709W is too bad to put up with any longer, so I had no choice.  I was looking at the HP Z30i because I like 16:10 screens, but that was going to cost me >NZ$2400 and I didn't want to pay that much.  So I thought that if I went to 32 inch, then maybe a 16:9 screen would be OK — it certainly increased the choice by a huge factor.


      Dag will be crying in a minute, because I have now bought a BenQ PD3200Q.  It's 32 inch, 2560, 1440 which I think gives you a pixel density of about 92dpi.  That's as small as I would want to go.  It only cost NZ$877, so I can get a Volta GPU for my new build when they come out....  eventually... fingers crossed. 


      BTW This is what my Dell looks like after it has warmed up for 10 minutes or so. It never gets any better than this, and has been like this for about a month.

      And this is what it looks like when it first wakes up.  It has been like this for about a year, but used to fade to almost nothing until recently. 

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          In the states we have amazon I purchased a Dell IPS 4k 24" Display to go with my Dell 20" 4:3 displays from Amazon for the price here the display is great DPI resolution ie 185DPI and Window 10 Display scaling works well. However with Photoshop I do not scale the display I keep Photoshop UI on my 100DPI displays and my Image one the 4k Display. I'm very happy with the display.  I paid 380USD its now down to 350USD though one is trying to sell a referb for 353.  The Quadro K2200 adapter drive all three displays well. 3840x2160 is greate 185DPI is near Print resolution.....]



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            Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

            I looked at the Dell monitors JJ.  I was already concerned because of my own experience, and from finding other people with the same problem when I looked for a fix.  What put me off some more was the poor rating the Dell screens were getting on Amazon, and the trouble people were having when they got a bad example.  They were ending up with a refurbished screen, which seems wrong when you have paid for a new one.  When you get a good one, Dell screens are amazing value, but I just didn't like to take the chance.


            I am not sure what I am giving up on by getting a cheap screen, but I think the evenness of brightness across the panel might be one of the things.  It just isn't worth having to pay another NZ$1500 for to me.


            [EDIT]  I like that your screens are all the same height.  My two 24 inch peripheral screens are in portrait orientation, and the panels are about four inches higher than my main screen.  The new screen is going to be larger, and 16:9 instead of the 16:10 aspect ratio of my Dell, so it is going to push the 24 inch screens out another four inches.  Being bigger, I'll reduce the height differential by an inch. 


            In case anyone is wondering how this works, it is super easy with Windows 10.  You simply drag the screens where you want them to be.

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              D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Really, guys - what do you need all those screens for...?


              This is my spare Eizo 


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                davescm Adobe Community Professional

                You must have the brightness up too high if you can see it through a wall !!!  Or is that the new coloured plaster correction filter



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                  JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                  The first Dell Display I purchased from Dell  I believe it was a 32" display it was larger than I wanted  with a lower resolution than I wanted  so I returned the Display to Dell and replaced that Display with the two 20 Dell Displays for a little more money.  The Two 20 Displays you see with the 24" 4K display.  They are over 13 years old now still work well but their color is not as good as the new 4k Display. Each of the 20" Dell displays cost more then the 24" 4k back than.  I do not need my displays to have the best color.  I'm a bit colorblind.  I do see color very well but not exactly like most humans.

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                    Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

                    I was going to wait to I got my new build, but that was never a realistic expectation, so with my wife at work so I could get away with a bit of chaos, I swapped out the new BenQ screen for the near death Dell, and boy do I love it.  It is bright, white, and so clear and easy to read.  The 2560x1440 resolution at 32 inch is fine with Photoshop, with all icons and text being easy to identify and read.  And this is with my sight rather compromised at the moment —  my near sight is pants since my second cataract operation, and I can't get them tested for new specs till early December, so I am making do with hobby glasses, and they are deeply compromised.


                    Of course nothing is easy, and my system refused to see the new screen at first.  I had to disconnect the outer two screens and start again adding one screen at a time.  The higher resolution buggered up my Photoshop workspace, but only laterally, so it was easy to drag the tabbed panels back into place and reset it.


                    What was more of a problem was a 800 pixel lateral offset between cursor and brush stroke when using my Intuos 4.  I tried a few things to get this sorted, including resetting Preferences (Grrrrrrr ) but updating the Wacom driver sorted it out.


                    So I am very pleased that I decided not to spend serious money on the HP Z30i, and with the larger 32 inch screen size, the 16:9 BenQ screen is matching the 1920x1200 portrait mode peripheral screens at least as well as the Dell did.  I won't be obsessing about screen calibration, and certainly won't be buying an iOne-Xcite-spider-monkey to tell me stuff I really don't care about.


                    It feels kind of strange not having those magenta lines down the screen, but I think we have some cotton that is about the right colour, so I'll try taping a few strands of that to the new display.

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                      davescm Adobe Community Professional

                      Good to see it is successfully up and running Trevor.


                      We'll get you converted to an X-rite yet though. A good way in, if you ever see a use i1pro for sale*  (either the second version or first version with revision D) is to use it with Argyll CMS.   It makes a very good combination, for screen and printer profiling, as long as you are prepared to use the command line. I simplified the process by just making a couple of batch files once I settled on the commands I needed.

                      Graham Gill who wrote the software is very responsive. I once had an issue when I built my last PC. It was running too fast and causing timing issues with screen reading. I contacted Graham and he had a revised version for me to test within a couple of days. Try that with any of the big software companies !


                      * Make sure it comes with the calibration tile.




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                        davidc1815 Level 4

                        Trevor - just to put in a cheer for cataract operations.  I had mine done some years ago, with new lenses being implanted, and for the first time since I was 10 I could see without my glasses.  Miraculous! I still wear glasses to correct other issues, but can still see without them. Hope you get a good result in the end.  Glad the screen hunt ended well for you.



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                          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

                          Hi David.  It's always good to see you pop up on this forum.


                          In my case with regards to the cataract op, it was complicated by my having had LASIK surgery to correct nearsightedness in 1995.  It meant I have not needed to wear glasses since, but it wrecked my night vision because as the pupils dilate, they start to look through the LASIK scar, which causes glare and multiple vision.  Bright areas light headlights and streetlights could have a dozen ghost images around them.  The cataract op has completely fixed that.  On the down side, after having the first eye done, I could see 'much' better through that eye, but the second eye did not work out so well.  What was worse is that I can no longer see my phone or computer screen or _anything_ closer than two foot away, so I am have wishing I'd stopped at the one eye.   I have feeling that I'll be very much happier after getting some progressive lenses, which should happen be Christmas.

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                            davidc1815 Level 4

                            I hope the glasses do the trick.