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    Watermarks from excel list




      I have to add watermarks to 1200 documents. The watermarks contain a part of the file name, but in many cases 3 - 4 documents need the same watermark (e.g. a-123-1, a-123-2, etc. all need xyz-123 as a watermark). Is there any way to make that happen from an excel table (one column with file names, one with corresponding watermarks)?


      Thanks a lot

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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Sure, that can be done using a combination of a custom-made script and possibly an Action.

          You would need to first read in the input file (it will have to be saved as plain-text file, though), and then run an Action on the PDFs, looking up each one in the parsed data and applying the desired watermark to it.


          I've developed a tool that does something similar, only with a single PDF file (see: Custom-made Adobe Scripts: Acrobat -- Batch Watermark A PDF File ), so it shouldn't be too difficult to adjust it to process multiple files in this manner.

          Feel free to contact me privately if you wish to discuss it further (try6767 at gmail.com).