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    How come a protected PDF can be converted using a free program like [Removed]


      I used the trial version of Adobe Acrobat Pro DC and created a pdf and protected the document against conversion and other parameters. I find that the pdf document created was easily converted to a word doc by a free program like [Name of third-party application removed. -Mod.]


      What is the fun in buying this product if my intellectual property cannot be protected from being copied


      Please advise




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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          There is a clear message when you apply a security policy that states that third-party applications might not enforce it.

          The PDF standard is a public one now (ISO 32000), and anyone can develop an application that implements it, partially or not.

          Unfortunately, many people (ab-)use this opportunity and develop tools that make it easier to get around things like a security policy. There's nothing that can be done about it, unless you use some drastic measures like DRM protection, and even then it's probably not 100% secure.

          You're paying for an application to create and edit valid and conforming PDF files. Nowhere does it say that there's a guarantee that people won't be able to copy your work. In fact, it says the exact opposite of that.

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