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    Wacom stylus Erase function on a side button is not working with Animate CC

    danasb352 Level 1

      I am used to set Eraser on the side button on my Wacom Stylus.

      Since my older Cintiq 21 doesn't work well anymore with Animate on Mac OS Sierra, I had to switch working on a Cintiq 22HD with the latest Wacom drivers installed, because apparently it's the only working Driver that Animate can work well with on Mac OS Sierra.

      Well - not!!! Now the button Erase function is not working! It works only on the Eraser tip of the Wacom Pen, but sincerely - who is ever using this Eraser tip?! Button Eraser works fine on Photoshop and all other software, but not on Animate. I can't believe there are so many problems that are related only to Animate and Wacom!

      please fix this, this is not a minor issue!

      (iMac 21, OS Sierra, Animate 2018, Wacom driver 6.3.25-2)