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    Walk Cycle distorting puppet


      Hi guys


      Trying to get the hang of CA and I am running into a problem with distortion of the graphics when I view a rigged puppet in a walk cycle in the record screen.

      He looks like he is walking just fine, but there is horrible extreme distortion of the graphics around the limbs when it plays. I also had trouble getting the limbs to auto attach, now that the staple tool is gone. none of the limbs were attaching to the body,  so I used the pin tool to pin them down.


      Tried using an illustrator file, thought maybe there was some problem with that, so I created a photoshop version too, exact same thing happened.

      I even tried opening the walkbot file and trying to change his psd to see if that helped. The walkbot animation would play fine, but when I substituted one of his limbs for a layer I created, I got the same weird distortion..


      see attached screenshot


      any help - at my wits end here! : )


      DavidScreen Shot 2017-11-14 at 13.41.11.png

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          Dan Ramirez Adobe Employee

          I'm happy to help if you message me directly, or post your project/puppet in this thread.


          Things to look at:


          * Are both legs/arms independent layers.* Are both legs/arms Attach To: "Auto" with the origin handle of the legs moved to the hip/shoulder?
          * Are there any opposite limb tags? (e.g., left knee put on the right knee)

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            embryodigital1981 Level 1

            Dan you are a life saver - I have it fixed now thanks to you.


            You were right - in the confusion about auto pinning as opposed to stapling (I was watching an out of date tutorial)

            I had misplaced one or two of the origin points and they were throwing it off.


            Thanks a million - I was going crazy for a while back there!