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    Lr publish service - unexpected internal error



      I've developed a Lr publish service to communicate with my web service. Recently I released a newer version with some updates and one of the clients who used this plugin with no problems, keep getting the following error every time he attempts to call a function which syncs the collections' metadata pulled from the server (metadata could be collection's name, contained photos, hierarchy - collection set and its children collections, etc).


      This is the error message:


      Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 10.19.59 copy.png


      I tried to debug it using a logger and found that it crashes after attempting to create a new collection and then calling the method collection:setCollectionSettings().

      That methodology used to work for this client before my plugin update/Lightroom OCT update AND it is still working for other clients so that's also strange and inconsistent..


      Any ideas on what may be the problem? What could cause this error to appear?

      Maybe the catalog got damaged somehow from the plugin..?