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    Wacom Custom Settings: Express Keys, On-Screen Controls, Touch Ring NOT working after PS 2018 update

    CD_Studios Level 1

      After having updated to Photoshop CC 2018, my wacom is not able to utilize custom settings found on Express Keys, On-Screen Controls, and Touch Ring.  The only controls that work are the default wacom controls found on each.  Changing any of the custom settings does not work and continues to the default setting regardless of what custom setting I have established.


      Seems others are having similar issues:

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      I HAVE tried uninstalling completely my wacom driver and re-installing again to no avail.  As others have said, the recent update to PS 2018 is where the problem seems to be.  The new Lightroom Classic works fine with custom wacom settings.  PS 2017 worked perfectly fine with wacom custom settings. 


      Has anyone found a fix?