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    issue with cq.jquery clientlib

    snehag07 Level 1

      I am using cq.jquery clientlib . but it always shows following error on page load.


      following are contents of http://localhost:4503/etc/clientlibs/foundation/jquery.js


      Can anyone help here?

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          smacdonald2008 Adobe Employee

          How are you using it - what syntax are you using.,

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            smacdonald2008 Adobe Employee

            If you are having issues - try on a fresh AEM install and see if you are still getting the same error - this will tell us:


            1 - if it does not work on a fresh install - you are doing something wrong in the syntax

            2 - it works on a fresh install - which means there is something wrong with your instance,

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              kautuksahni Adobe Employee

              Please have a look at the documentation:- Using Client-Side Libraries


              Using JSP [Using Client-Side Libraries ]



              Add a ui:includeClientLib tag to your JSP code to add a link to client libraries in the generated HTML page. To reference the libraries, you use the value of the categories property of the ui:includeClientLib node.





              <%@taglib prefix="ui" uri="http://www.adobe.com/taglibs/granite/ui/1.0" %>


              <ui:includeClientLib categories="<%= categories %>" />

              For example, the /etc/clientlibs/foundation/jquery node is of type cq:ClientLibraryFolder with a categories property of value cq.jquery. The following code in a JSP file references the libraries:




              <ui:includeClientLib categories="cq.jquery"/>


              The generated HTML page contains the following code:




              <script type="text/javascript" src="/etc/clientlibs/foundation/jquery.js"></script>



              Using HTL [HTL and ClientLibs ]

              Calling Client Libraries from HTL

              Because HTL is meant to be a general language, without specific AEM features, there is no data-sly-clientlibs feature for instance.


              The best example is from the new foundation page component, this is located at /libs/wcm/foundation/components/page/head.html.

              There, you see the following thing:


              This declares a “clientlib” object, which is implemented as a template.


              After that, you see statements like following one:

                   data-sly-call="${clientlib.all @ categories='cq.jquery'}"