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    Can’t sync fix to photoshop cc

    kathryns53057526 Level 1

      I am unable to save images from photoshop fix on my iPad to photoshop cc  (desktop). They save ok to lightroom mobile but I want to be able to continue the editing of layers. I press the square box and click “open in photoshop” and a box saying “saving” comes up but just sticks at about 10%.

      Is it possible to save compositions from fix to photoshop cc and am I doing something wrong.

      i am not very tech savvy so apologies if this is a silly question!

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          Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee

          Hi Kathryn,


          That is strange!

          Would you mind trying to connect to a different network and then send the work to Photoshop CC?


          Also, you can definitely check the Adobe IDs that you are signed in with on your PC and on the device.


          Let me know if that helps!




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            kathryns53057526 Level 1

            Hi Sheena, After an hour's online chat with one of your (very helpful) customer service advisors the issue appeared to be fixed and I managed to upload one photo from my ipad to my creative cloud library. (I am actually using Mix (not Fix) but mis-typed, although I assume the issues are the same.)

            However that was the one and only image that loaded....

            After tearing my hair out and lots of investigation, I think the problem is my upload speed which despite living in London and having 'superfast' fibre broadband with quoted upload speeds of 9Mbps I am getting 0.5 Mbps. Looking at various forums I am not alone. I can't imagine what those in rural communities are getting!

            Images from lightroom mobile upload but very slowly (about 10 mins per image) but not Mix (I assume the layered files are bigger?). The lack of decent upload speeds, even in one of the worlds major cities does rather limit the usefulness of a cloud based system. In fact it is more or less unusable.

            I am currently using lightroom classic on my desktop with locally stored files and hope that this continues to be supported because lightroom cc would be useless and would necessitate a move to a competitors editing software.

            I appreciate that internet speeds are not your remit but perhaps pressure from companies such as yours to the internet providers to improve their services would help. Also please consider this issue for any further development of your products. A cloud based service will not be usable for quality images with current internet provision.

            I am very disappointed that I will not be able to use my Ipad in my workflow as envisaged as the combination of lightroom and Mix was very attractive to me.

            Please, please also consider a wired connection so that images from the Ipad can be synced with the desktop without the cloud as this is currently unusable.

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              Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee

              I am very sorry to hear this Kathryn!


              It is definitely strange that the internet connection is not appropriate for the app to function as you mentioned in your reply above.


              Additionally, I would be passing your suggestions to the product team so that they can look into it.

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                Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee

                You are welcome!