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    DVD in Director 11 problem

      Hi there.

      I inserted a DVD Media Element and got the Can Not Find DVD Volume Error and thus got the dreaded red X place holder. Every time I try to set the folder property I enter it and then it goes away. My DVD video_ts folder is in a "myLocalDVDcontent" folder on the root level with my project. Please help, it's driving me insane.

      I am using Director 11

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          I ran into this problem as well on Vista\Director11.

          Here's what I did to work around it:

          Insert a valid DVD-video disc into the authoring machine. It can be ANY DVD-video disc, I was only using it to trick Director into creating the cast member.

          Insert a DVD media element into my project cast. Director should see the DVD disc you put into your DVD drive, and then create the DVD cast member.

          added the following code in a on PrepareMovie handler where member(1) is my DVD media element and _movie.path & <directory info> are where my DVD vob files are. :
          member(1).folder = _movie.path & "supportFiles\Intro\video_ts"

          Play the Director movie for as long as it takes for the line of code above to execute.

          Save the Director file and remove the DVD Disc you were using.

          Play the Direcotr file again, this time without the DVD Disc you were using to confirm Director is pulling the DVD info from the file directory you specified.

          Additionally, I leave the on Prepare Movie code in my movie, because as you noted Dirctor doesn't seem to want you to be able to set the file path from the cast member properties....

          Kinda of lame that this would be necessary, but it's the only way I could get this to work.

          Hope this helps.