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    Auto playing of first media file works fine, but all others

    ooba Level 1
      Good morning Flash maniacs.

      I have been on a flash media application that reads from an XML file retrieves external files and media files and starts to play them automatically. This is fine. The problem occurs when the user clicks to load another media file which in turn parses over a new XML file and retrieves external and media files (this works fine) but the auto playing of the files is not working correctly.

      What is occuring is this.
      1. Using trace statements I have verified that all of the external files that are required are loaded.
      2. Loading of the audio/media file is loaded
      3. Check to see if the audio file is playing via the mediaPlayer.playing which returns true
      4. Checking of the playhead position is always 0 (checking this with an interval method)
      5. No sound is playing at all, playhead is not moving but the app says it is playing.

      Now, if I click on the pause button and then click on the play button it starts playing just fine.

      What could be the issue that the media player says its playing, but is not actually playing because the playhead is never progressing?

      Thanks for looking.