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    Grass Brush?

    elfwinters Level 1

      Hello. I'm learning Photoshop in a practical at university where I have to create a grassy environment. The brief says "Choose the Brush Tool, and have the shape Grass. Paint a line just below the horizon. Increase the Brush Size a bit, then draw another line of grass below the previous one. Continue down the image, increasing Brush Size as you go." However neither I nor my lecturer have been able to find the Grass option. I have the latest CC 2018. Can anyone help?


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          davescm Adobe Community Professional

          Go to the brush panel and at the top right click to open the menu. Choose legacy brushes.



          A folder will appear in your brush panel  called legacy. Within that folder is another called Default Brushes. Scroll down and the grass brush is there



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            elfwinters Level 1

            THANK YOU SO MUCH!! This has been driving me mad for the past hour. It was probably something really simple to most people so I feel kinda stupid but I can't thank you enough for solving this.