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    Photoshop won't pick the right GPU (MacOS)

    Allan M Level 1

      Hi Photoshop community!


      I need some assistance in making Photoshop pick the GPU I want. I have a macbook pro with the latest Photoshop CC 2018 and a gtx 1080 hooked up to it. MacOS detects the eGPU and it in fact works fine with several benchmarking apps and games.

      The issue is that Photoshop detects the 1080 in the System Info report but under the Performance tab it will show only the iGPU.

      Would I be able to edit some sort of parameter inside Photoshop's files to truly enable my 1080's acceleration? I tried renaming the "sniffer" file with hopes that it would work but didn't. All ideas and thoughts are appreciated guys