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    Photoshop CS6 freezes/slows when batching images

    Robert Ripps

      Using my iMac 17,1 4.0GHz Quad-core i7, 32 GB of ram, running Sierra- OS 10.12.6 (and OS 10.11 before it)- when running a batch action to open a folder of NEF or DNG files, then sharpen, down res, convert to profile, make 8 bit, then save as a smaller jpeg, into another folder, the program works fine for maybe 250-300 images, then slows to a crawl, meaning an image suddenly takes 3 minutes to generate a jpeg, then the next jpeg and following ones take an hour, or so. Before that, it generates between 6-10 from NEF files a minute or 12-14 from DNG files, depending on what else computer is doing. Usually I set it to run, then walk away while it is going.


      When I return, I have lost control of the machine, so any inputs I make to it can take a minute or two. During this, I get the spinning beach ball of doom, clock is frozen, then updates in multiples of 15 seconds or so. I have to either force quit Photoshop, then start again, or try to select Photoshop, and stop the batching, which can take a half hour of waiting for commands to filter through. My 10 year old MacPro never did this- it took hours to make the jpegs, but never choked creating them.


      This is very frustrating as I now have to move hundreds and hundreds of files each time I need to run a batch, and I worry I will miss some, or worse, introduce corruption “moving” files back & forth.


      Also, a few other times, I have run that batch action on a smaller numbers of files, but then once finished, no smaller files can be found! I saw Photoshop open files, perform steps, close files, but no jpegs were saved anywhere. When I restarted Photoshop, it seemed to work fine.