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    Color lookup empty

    danielp68451207 Level 1



      I’m using PS CC 19.0 (as read under Help -> About Photoshop CC), Windows 10.


      I’m trying to use Color Lookup for the first time and it seems that numerous options should be available. Indeed there are 20 or so available in 3DLUT, but none Abstract or Device Link. The only options are “Load Abstract Profile” and other which is greyed out. Same for Device Link. Clicking on the option opens a file navigation window for me to select a file. Not helpful without more information…


      I’ve searched Adobe’s site for 30 minutes, and googled the issue but find nothing on how to “load” the profiles if that is what I need to do, or otherwise fix the problem. All I can find is information on exporting a profile.


      I understand that ‘Sepia’ should be available in the Abstract, and that is what I’m looking for at the moment, but I’d like what should be available.


      Two questions:

      How do I fix the problem?

      How am I supposed to figure this out without asking for help, or put another way what did I miss?


      Thanks much for your help,