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    Alternate Payment Method for "INDIA" ?


      I am an India-based common man. P.S. I'm not anyone working in the Hollywoods ! I'm just a common man from Kolkata India, who inspite of having very easily available "pirated softwares" chose to "buy" Adobe product for Individual Freelancing works. And Again P.S. My turnover isn't in Millions Pls ! Still I prefer to "Buy" adobe instead of getting any pirated copies. Never knew I would never actually be able to buy anything from Adobe !


      Now coming to my issue. I don't have a Credit Card (As I said my turnover isn't very great, I'm just a commoner). I do have a Paypal account with which I make foreign payments / purchases. But Here in Adobe you guys don't allow Indians to use anything other than "CREDIT CARD" ! ~Looks Like Adobe don't want everyone to buy Adobe products.


      I've literally talked to over a dozen of Customer Care executives over the "CHAT" in Adobe site as well as "CALL" and also in Facebook Page, but to no proper use ! I'm now completely Pissed off with Adobe. My worst experience ever. I just planned to have my freelancing career started apart from the studios that I work in, and I'm having to face so much trouble just to "purchase" something which I am getting readily served for free on the other hand.


      I don't know what Adobe is upto with its marketting / sales initiatives. But it's my request or concern as you may say, I really feel you guys should add some alternate methods for Indians. Here in India not everyone has a Credit Card. But some people like me wants to go for genuine products for even there small and tiny business. I know you guys won't be able to help me, and I will never be able to subscribe to Adobe CC, but anyways hope this helps someone like me someday in future.