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    Creative Cloud membership

    aprzybylo Level 1

      Few weeks ago I tried new Adobe Lightroom application.  For that I started 14 days trial.  After playing a little I decided not to continue the trial.  I went to cancel and while doing that I got the 2 months free offer.  I don't remember exactly how it was stated but it made me believe this is the extension of the free trial.  I was surprised when i came back 3 weeks later to finally cancel the trial that I'm charged half of the annual subscription. 


      I'm extremely disappointed with the ay Adobe handles this case.  Maybe just the fact that I probably misunderstood the offer would be acceptable but the fact that Adobe never actually informs people about expiring of free trial is very lame.  Every subscription i sign I always get notification (example Apple). 


      Anyways the bottom line is that I was a little disappointed with the new Lightroom software but given strong impression I had from using the previous version I was hoping that in near future the product will get acceptable.  I'm sorry but I will never buy any Adobe product anymore