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    Adobe Stock Currency


      Hi all,


      I'm a little bit confused about the currencies supported by Adobe Stock and there's little information I can find on the internet.

      There are two articles found on Adobe Help which contain fragments of useful information.


      1. Requesting payments at Adobe Stock

      Firstly, this article says "Payout occurs in one of these currencies: € / $ / £ / PLN / 円 / ₩ / SEK / R"

      That is 8 currencies.


      2. Royalty details for contributors to Adobe Stock

      Secondly, here it says: "For other currencies(than dollars), the following conversion is used: 1 USD = 1 EUR = 4 PLN = 150 JPY = 1,100 KRW."

      That is only 5 currencies.


      So, my questions are:

      a. What are all the currencies Adobe Stock reports sales? Are they the 8 listed at point 1? Or are there any other? I don't believe this information is contained in any of the two articles I linked.

      b. What if I sell an item for $1 in the US and have a payout in SEK(Swedish krona)? I don't see any conversion from dollars to krona at point 2. Is that calculated at the daily exchange rate? Why is there a convention for 5 currencies and not 8?


      Please let me know your thoughts/experience, as this is an important issue I'm having.

      Thank you.

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          MatHayward Adobe Employee

          Thanks for writing. The available currencies are the 8 listed in point one. You are not able to select this as the currency is determined by the location your account was created. The rates that I know are 1 credit = 1 USD = 0.75 GBP = 7.1 SEK = 7.5 ZAR.


          Kind regards,


          Mat Hayward

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            ctdesign2 Level 1

            Hi @Mat,


            Thanks for your feedback.

            So, from what you're saying the whole conversion sequence for each of those 8 currencies is this one:


            1 Credit = 1 EUR(€) = 1 USD($) = 0.75 GBP(£) = 4 PLN (zł)= 150 JPY(円) = 1,100 KRW(₩)  = 7.1 SEK(kr) = 7.5 ZAR(R")


            Is this correct?

            If so, what does the Credit represent? A Fotolia credit?


            Are these conversions constant or do they change from time to time?


            From what I know, since subscription plans for buyers are in USD the sales are also operated in USD. So, if I'm living in Japan and I earn $1 for one sale, 150円 will be reported in my account. In Sweden, I'll see 7.1 kr, in South Korea 1,100 ₩. Is that correct?


            Anyway, thanks for sharing this info, very much appreciated.