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    Slow export/render CC2017 Ryzen 1600X


      Ryzen R5 1600X, smt disable

      Asrock B350 Pro4

      8gb dd4 2400 mhz

      7200rpm wd10ezex hdd

      GTX 1060 3gb

      I have a problem. Looks like a render and the export is very very slow...

      Cuda and mercury on.


      PPBM Result "1141","127","25","-554",

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          RjL190365 Level 5

          Guess what? Your system has the absolute minimum amount of RAM that's required just to even run Premiere Pro CC 2017 at all. That, combined with the fact that your system appears to have only a single disk (and a spinning hard disk, at that) that's shared by absolutely everything including the OS, programs, projects and media, really skewed your results, especially the CPU-only MPEG-2 DVD MPE Off score and the Disk I/O score - both of which are substantially longer than they should have been.


          As a result, your system really needs more RAM and at least one more disk in order to function anywhere near what it's supposed to.



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            lantosg Level 1

            Thank you Randall!


            First time I will try +1 HDD(I have another at home). Later I'll buy a SSD and minimum +8gb memory.

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              Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

              PPBM results "PPBM Result "1141","127","25","-554","


              1. If you did not copy the above completely might explain why the Premiere Pro version number is not shown,

              but if it does not show that tells me you are using and old version of PPBM.  Here is my current version URL BillG Video Editing Blog

              1. A negative number (-554) is never seen if you run the test properly.
              2. That disk intensive of 1141 seconds Randall explained to you is the worst that I ave ever seen it equates to a transfer rate of 32 MB/sec
              3. Despite this the two GPU Accelerated scores of 127 and 25 seconds appear reasonable for your system

              Good luck on your retest


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                RjL190365 Level 5

                Actually, that 127-second H.264 Blu-ray score is slower than the 100-second result that I achieved with my older (current) main quad-core Intel i7-4790K that has been running at its "stock" (actually, default Turbo'd) speed. (And my system is running the Fall Creators Update version of Windows 10, with all of its 170 background processes running, to boot.) The GTX 1060 in the OP's system has only 3GB of VRAM and only 1152 CUDA cores while the GTX 1060 in mine has 6GB of VRAM and 1280 CUDA cores - and that difference accounts for part of that deficiency. The deficiency in both the RAM amount and the CUDA core count put together really hurt the H.264 Blu-ray score but didn't affect the MPEG-2 DVD score much.


                And even so, if that "-554" result is really 554 seconds, that puts the OP's system below the 520-second result from my system.