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    Quiz Manager - Presentation

      My team is building an online training module with knowledge checks plus a final quiz (created through Quiz Master). After publishing, the interface for the presentation reflects the first knowledge check slide on the outline tab; however, none of the other checks or the final quiz appears. My experience in the past has been that the final quiz does not show in the outline tab at all. If all the question slides show, or none of them appear - That's fine - We just need to have it consistant. Can someone advise how to accomplish this?
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          Yes. There is an option which allows questions to be listed in Outline pane . As it is a Quiz level setting , so Quiz which has this option set displays questions of that Quiz in Outline pane and Quiz for which this setting is off does not show Question in Outline tab
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            To be very clear about this, what Kathita suggests is accurate; however, to take it one step further for example:

            Let's say you have 10 questions that are "knowledge checks" (that won't be evaluated and that you want to show in your navigation) and you have 10 more questions that you want assessed but *don't* want seen in the navigation.

            As Kathita mentions, you'd have to create 2 quiz elements, because the setting to display question slides is controlled via the Quiz Manager settings...and it just so happens that it's a global configuration. Meaning that either all of the questions for a specific quiz are visible in the nav, or they're not.

            In addition, IF you're looking to create both non-eval KC's and assessed questions, you might want to consider creating 2 separate Quiz elements anyway.